Blog Introduction

To try and accompany the development of my master’s thesis, which is a part of the Joint Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at Universidade de Aveiro, this blog was created. Its main objective is to demonstrate the academic community (but not only) the research and experimental process done. 

As such, I will begin by making a brief introduction to the thesis’s topic. The name of the thesis’s topic is the following: “Verticality Estimation Using Head Stabilization of a Humanoid Head”. Humanoid robotics is an increasingly sought after topic in today’s society, due to the immense benefits you can get from the development of projects associated with this area. One of the main problems when you’re trying to develop a humanoid robot (in this case, PHUA*) is its own balance. Since there’s no fixed reference point in one of these kinds of robots, it’s therefore difficult to obtain the position and velocity of the robot’s joints, as you would do easily on most other robots. With this thesis, I will try to obtain an estimation of the gravity vector by analysing images coming from a camera and various inertial sensors, both of them installed on the robot’s head.

After obtaining this vector, stabilizing the head will be an easier task, and consequently, balancing the whole robot will be deemed as possible in future works.

On the next blog posts, the work done in each week will be summarized, until the thesis is written and publicly defended.

* Projecto Humanóide da Universidade de Aveiro (Humanoid Project of University of Aveiro)



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